Testimonials - Veterinary Medical Center of Blakely - Blakely, PA

Veterinary Medical Center Of Blakely

1987 Scranton Carbondale Hwy
Blakely, PA 18447




“Love Dr. Manning and all her staff. Dr. Manning has treated my cats with serious illnesses and helped maintain the quality of their lives and I am very grateful for that.” --Paulette



“We love Dr. Manning and the staff at VMC. Always very kind and compassionate. I would not trust my guy with anyone else.” --Stephanie




“I started going to Dr. Manning right before Covid hit. My dog is Kassie and she didn’t socialize much. She was so proud to walk in the office and immediately love the staff. If made me so comfortable because usually Kassie is shy. Thank you for all your wonderful care”. --Kim




“Dr. Manning and staff take awesome care of Rowdy.” --Don




“Izzy is usually apprehensive around some people. She actually gets excited as we drive up the hill. She loves everyone at VMC!” --Donna




“Desi and Fire like Dr Manning and always try to be on their best behavior for their visits.” --Jane



“Hi folks! My name is Piglet. I'm a 135lb Cane Corso but my mom says I'm a really "House Hippo". 
Despite my size, I sometimes get scared of new places & faces but I love Dr. Manning and all the staff at VMC. They are so caring & gentle and I consider them to be like family.” --Laura



“This is Sapphire she recently turned 14 years young, Dr. Manning took her case with a ton of health issues, she knows all the right meds and food to give her to stay healthy. I absolutely adore Dr. Manning and all of the staff. They are like family.” --Joanne



“Dr. Manning and Staff are wonderful and very attentive to Matilda. Her processes during Covid have been seamless as well! Dr. Manning helped us navigate through allergy season and her recommended treatments have helped Matilda tremendously.” --Regina



“Luna loves the attention and care she receives from Dr. Manning and staff! She cannot wait for her next visit.” --Christine